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Argan Oil to Relieve Sunburn

The skin absorbs 60 to 70% of what you put on it topically. This can and is supposed to be a beneficial function of our body so that we as humans are able to get the most out of caring for this large and quite sensitive organ. Chemical ingredients have a higher chance of causing irritation and can have adverse effects on the body when absorbed. Choosing natural organic plant oils and extracts can be a safe simple way to care for the health of your skin.

Argan oil has gained widespread popularity within the last few years for its significant healing effect on the skin. Extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree native to Morocco, this oil is packed with beneficial omega fatty acids, vitamin e, oleic acid, linolic acid, and plenty of antioxidants to heal and repair a wide range of skin conditions. Argan oil is known to be very anti-inflammatory and is suitable for all skin types. Its specific combination of fatty acids makes it a 0 on the comedogenic scale. This means it has no possibility of clogging pores and causing further damage to your skin.

The antioxidants contained in argan oil have powerful anti-inflammatory agents. The omega fatty acids, specifically oleic and linolic acid are important in maintaining our skins natural healthy function. Oleic and linolic acid can be absorbed into the skin and metabolized into compounds that our body can naturally use for protection against the harsh rays of the sun.

Through their protective abilities, they help to prevent the effects of sunburn. But if your skin is already sunburnt, they also act as anti-inflammatory agents helping the painful effect of sunburnt skin. Further, the content of vitamin E in argan oil can strengthen this effect. Vitamin E is a potent anti-inflammation agent as well. It will help to heal and strengthen the skins moisture barrier, which will be beneficial when the skin has been damaged by the drying effects sunburn causes. Vitamin E has also been shown to reduce UV induced carcinogens as well as heal DNA damage caused by damaged sunburnt skin.

This special combination of naturally occurring compounds makes argan oil an ideal choice for soothing, repairing and even preventing sunburn. You will most likely start to feel the beneficial effects of using argan oil for sun damage quite quickly. The soothing, anti-inflammatory effects will start to take effect after about one good night’s rest. Sleep is the time when your body breaks down and uses whatever you have provided for it during your waking hours to heal and repair itself. To maximize the benefit of using argan oil for sunburnt skin, apply it at least twice daily. Once in the morning and once before bed on the affected area. It is also wise to apply on slightly wet skin for a more even application.

Choosing to use argan oil is a smart way to enhance your skin and bodies healing abilities and state of wellbeing. Sometimes natures simple answers are the most effective.

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